Is USA good for Asian Indians?

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Is the United States (the land of opportunity, freedom, and the American Dream) good for Asian Indians anymore? 

If you are asking this question, you are not alone. Many Asian Indians who have always preferred the USA over any other country to Immigrate to, are asking the same question. We will discuss why things have regrettably become worse for Indians.

Asian Indians immigrate to the United States in the following ways

  • Student Visa
  • Employment-based visa
  • Family-based visa

Asian Indians have achieved major success in recent decades. They tend to be more educated, well paid and hard-working immigrants in the United States. Due to this success, word of mouth, and social media, USA has become the most popular destination for Asian Indians.

The number of Immigrants in each category of the US visa has increased significantly. This sudden increase in a short time has created a lot of negativity and issues for Asian Indian immigrants.

USA pays a lot of attention to data and patterns. They have used the data to suppress the number of immigrants coming from a particular part of the world throughout history. Unfortunately, this time it is the turn of Asian Indian immigrants to face the heat of adverse immigration policies.

Government and immigration policies in the United States is primarily driven by the following things

  • Data
  • News and Social Media
  • Government debt

Asian Immigrants are facing many issues immigrating to the United States due to the following reasons.

Data is not on your side

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Data has changed and it is not in the favor of Asian immigrants.

The number of Asian Indians coming to the United States to study or work has increased year over year. It’s not an exclusive club anymore.

Asian Indians seeking a green card through employment have increased as well. Due to a huge number of immigrants becoming eligible for the green card every year, the green card queue has grown very long for Asian Indians.

The following chart shows the increase in the Asian Indian population over years. (Data source:

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Many Asian Indians will not see the green card in their lifetime.

Due to this, the H1B visa has indirectly become an L1 visa where you may have to stick to your employer for a longer time to avoid doing the green card application process again.

Corporations and politicians are aware of this situation and they are not willing to change the policies anytime soon as it benefits them in many ways. 

Not newsworthy enough

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Many educated Asian Indians tend to be peaceful and they try to avoid any conflict. They are willing to let go of any individual rights just to have a calm life. They have strong family values and they tend to think about family first before making any questionable or newsworthy move.

Asian Indians try to avoid any unnecessary attention that may threaten their job and family life in the United States.

H1B and the long Green card queue issue of Asian Indians is hardly discussed on major media and news outlets.

One thing I have learned about the United States is that, if it’s not in the news, they will never even think about the immorality of the situation.

Government Debt needs to be paid somehow

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A lot of my friends who are on H1B visa say that they are good for the United States economy, and should not be treated this way by the immigration department. Unfortunately, even after being the smartest person in their respective fields, they forget one key economic data point, Social Security and Medicare. 

It is generally known that Social Security and Medicare funding is in trouble and if they give citizenship to everyone eligible, the government will have a deficit in the long run.

Hence, Asian Americans are chosen to suffer the troubles of going through immigration in this era. They are happy to take the money you spend here on tuition,  social security, and Medicare taxes. They don’t want you to be the recipient of these benefits in the long run.

I have met these few special individuals, who have gone through all the suffering and somehow got the long-awaited Citizenship. Most of them wonder if it was worth it at all? When you have to ask that question, trust me when I say this, “It is not worth it all”.

I would not say that it’s bad for all. Some are lucky to avoid all the troubles and go through this painful and humiliating process just fine, and they are comfortable with it. 

But, if I tell you that you have a one-in-a-million chance of winning a lottery ticket, will you spend all your money and effort in buying that lottery ticket?


Immigrate to the United States only if you have a chance of coming here through family immigration, (spousal ) and EB1 category, (better than other options).

Do not spend extra money or put any effort to go to the United States especially if you are from India and China.

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